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RightToLeft-Eigenschaft (Microsoft Forms)



expression.RightToLeft [=value]


RightToLeft is a new property of the Microsoft Forms 2.0 form that the specified control is placed on; itís not a property of the control. Note, however, that RightToLeft affects both the form and any controls that are placed on it. The following table describes the two possible settings for this property.

Setting Value
False 0
True 1

Microsoft Forms 2.0 controls that have the ability to exhibit bidirectional characteristics do so when the RightToLeft property of the form is set to True. When this property is set to False, forms and controls do not exhibit bidirectional characteristics. Bidirectional features of the RightToLeft property are listed in the following table.

Microsoft Forms 2.0 components RightToLeft = True behavior
All forms and controls The vertical scroll bar (if present) is on the left side of the form or control. The initial thumb location of the horizontal scroll bar is the rightmost position, and the rightmost portion of information is displayed.
Form The title bar caption is right-aligned.
Frame control The caption is placed in the upper-right corner of the frame.
TabStrip control and

MultiPage control

Tabs are displayed in order from right to left for specific TabOrientation settings (that is, the first tab begins at the right boundary of the control).
For TabOrientation = Top, tabs are displayed from right to left along the top edge of the control.
For TabOrientation = Bottom, tabs are displayed from right to left along the bottom edge of the control.

Note If the total width of all tabs exceeds the width of the control and MultiRow = False, tabs are displayed from right to left as if MultiRow = True.

Important   If you add Microsoft Forms 2.0 controls to a container surface thatís not a Microsoft Forms 2.0 form (for example, if you add a TabStrip control directly to an Arabic Word document), the control will behave as if the container has a RightToLeft property thatís set to False.

Note   The VerticalScrollBarSide property described in Help has been replaced by the RightToLeft property described in this topic. Keep in mind that although you can use references to VerticalScrollBarSide in Visual Basic for Applications statements, the property is inoperative.