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Betrifft: ddeexecute
von: richard koek

Geschrieben am: 02.05.2002 - 10:31:39

Who knows the DDE-statement for showing the printpreview.

An example to show my problem :

LwChanNum1 = Application.DDEInitiate("Excel", "System")
Application.DDEExecute LwChanNum1, "[PRINT]" -> printing
Application.DDEExecute LwChanNum1, "[??????]" -> print preview

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Start preview
von: Any Body
Geschrieben am: 02.05.2002 - 10:34:45

Sub preview()
End Sub

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Re: Start preview
von: richard koek

Geschrieben am: 02.05.2002 - 10:39:26

I am connecting to excel for showing purposes. The code will stop on the "printpreview" command until you close the printpreview. This is not accaptable to me. That's why I wish to try the "ddeexecute"-command.

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