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  • wenn's von Uli vom 08.07.2002 - 11:41:55
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Betrifft: wenn's
von: Uli
Geschrieben am: 08.07.2002 - 11:41:55

i only can reach maximum of 8.
or do i have to change or mark a button somewhere in the optional area in xls ?
thks for all information i can get
regards Uli
example : WENN(A50="LH686";"10:15";WENN(A50="LH8414";"11:20"; and so-on as i said only max. of 8 of those above.
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Re: wenn's
von: Heinz
Geschrieben am: 08.07.2002 - 11:58:16

Hello Uli,

the maximum of Wenn is 8, not more.

But you can sometimes get more by

as Text =Wenn(.....;"")))))))&wenn(.....;"")))))))& and so on

as number =Wenn(.....;"")))))+wenn(....;"")))))+ and so on.

Or you try in German "Sverweis" I don't know the english name.

Best regards


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Re: wenn's
von: uli
Geschrieben am: 11.07.2002 - 10:00:48

Thanks a million Heinz ,
it works i now get more wenn's as needed


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